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Stopping Zones

We set up your no-hold zone!

Often a smooth move is only possible if you set up so-called no-hold zones which are limited in time.

Maybe you know the problem … many people, many houses and apartments, many streets and definitely many cars, but hardly any free parking. So far so good. And now imagine that on the day of your move, you are just unlucky and the parking lot is far away. So to speak, there is hardly any other option, such as the fact that one has to carry his moving boxes and furniture particularly far.

That costs time and strength and especially when it rains many nerves. What if, for example, in the rain the boxes soften? Problems over problems pile up and the move is more stressful than expected.


Parking (almost) in front of the door!

We take care of it.

Of course, we can organize and set up a no-hold zone for you on site or in front of your door. We take care of it!

The approval process for setting up no-hold zones during relocations can take a few days – we’ll do the application for you, organize the traffic signs and take care of putting the signs on-site at your old and new homes.

However, when making an application, it must be taken into account that applications must be submitted to the competent authorities up to 14 days in advance, and therefore we ask you to contact us at an early stage so that there are no problems over time.

If you have any questions about “Setting up no-hold zones”, we are always happy to help.