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Additional Cargo

Invitations: a cost-effective alternative, if no complete move is necessary!

We carry out additional loads throughout Germany, the Czech Republic and throughout Europe!

What are additional loads?! It’s not always about a complete move. Sometimes just small things or individual pieces have to be transported. As the term “by-cargo” may already indicate, it does not mean that we will personally send a sole LWK for you on a journey, but combine your cargo with another mission.

An example:


We are moving from A to B and still have an open space. You live close to A and need a transport for a piece of furniture to line B. Since we are near A and have free space, we can take your piece of furniture with you and deliver it to line B.

The benefits of additional loads

Cost-effective, environmentally friendly and safe

This option is particularly attractive in terms of price. An extra charge will be based on a transport or move in your area. The advantage is obvious: we do not have to charge you so much because we are already in your area and can offer you a more cost-effective offer.

Compared to an exclusive contract, this variant is much more environmentally friendly. Our trucks are completely loaded and it consumes less fuel.

As with our other services, we are responsible for any damage in the context of additional cargo that may arise during the journey. That is why we offer you a special insurance cover.

The catch on the matter? The transport is combined with one of our orders, d. H. Invitations are only suitable if the item or the item to be transported does not have to be delivered on a specific date and you are flexible here.

The desired date of an additional load may be complied with, but there is no guarantee for this. The dates are based on our current order situation.

To find out if an extra charge will be available or available in your area shortly, please send us a request. As a rule, additional loads can be carried out within approx. 2 weeks.