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How do I get rid of what I do not need anymore?

We help you with clearing out or evictions!

A move is a good opportunity to clear out the household and throw off old ballast! This saves boxes, space and money. Through sales, this can possibly improve the relocation fund – other, however, simply belongs to the garbage.

To get rid of disused pieces without much effort, there are several possibilities:

Maybe you have someone in your near who may need certain things you no longer need. For example, Family, friends, the neighbors.

There are many organizations that are looking forward to donations of all kinds. So why not donate for a good cause?

By donating in kind you will help to find the useful and worth preserving new owner. Especially clothing, shoes, bags, toys, household items and furniture are almost always needed.

There is also the opportunity to participate in a flea market or someone to sell your stuff as flea market goods.

You may find a dealer near you who buys your items to resell them. Often such traders take over for a small fee or even free the removal of the items.

You can also sell all your things online through various platforms such as: eBay, eBay Classifieds, momox, shpock, rebuy or in flea market social media groups.

Do you also make announcements in supermarkets, universities, schools or perhaps at your own workplace ?!

But where to go with the garbage?

What is perhaps no longer for sale, more or less on the trash. For many things, bulky waste is the right choice. This can be registered with your municipality – in many municipalities a sperm waste collection per year and / or household is even free.

Above all, it is important that you make sure that you only dispose of things on this route that are approved for bulky waste. These include u. a. old household items which are too bulky for household waste (e.g., old pushchairs, furniture, mattresses, rugs, or lamps).

The basic rule is all movable household items (except: electrical appliances). Most disposal companies also take large electronic devices, such as Refrigerators, televisions or washing machines – but you have to consult in advance and this possibly register extra.

Building rubble, glass or scrap metal, wall and / or ceiling coverings as well as residual and hazardous waste also do not belong to bulky waste. The best way to do this is to ask your local municipality where you can dispose of this waste.


Is it possible to move your rubbish bin into the garbage bin?

YES, moving waste such as packaging material, remnants of the renovation, may sometimes in the dustbin – as long as it does not fall under the heading “hazardous waste”.

If you share the garbage bin with other residents, you should make sure that you do not stuff the garbage bin up to the top. As an alternative, you can certainly take care of a special emptying. These can apply for a fee.

Another alternative option is to offer you the special garbage bags, which you can bring to your community or a recycling center in your area for a small fee. Please inform yourself here at your local contact person.


Our valuable tip

What do I really sort out?

Our golden rule when clearing out: you have to ask yourself three questions!!

  1. When did I need it?

  2. Do I need it?

  3. When will I need it?

If two questions are negative – then dispose of it!

In general, we can advise you to start clearing out early, by sorting out one or the other piece prematurely and disposing of it or categorizing it accordingly. This makes your job easier and it does not waste so much at once, so you can extend the disposal of multiple pick-up / routes.

How can we help you?

We can help you where help is needed!

Of course, as a removal company we also have experience in this area.  We can take on all tasks, such as:

We can take care that we provide the right container for you and take care of the complete handling. (for example, household waste, rubble, garden waste, etc.)
We pick up your items, furniture, household waste and bulky waste directly from you and load it. Afterwards we take care of everything else as well as the proper disposal.

We buy your no longer needed furniture – as long as the condition is usable. More details on request.

Should you for a variety of reasons currently have a shortage of space, we can always keep your goods in our warehouse.

We remove your floors, wooden ceilings or wallpaper on the walls and dispose of them properly. More information available on request.

If you own real estate that should be vacated, then we can take care of it. We do the complete eviction and offer you as an additional service a final cleaning. Details on request.

Your desired task to us was not thereNo problem – just send us a request to and we’ll take care of your business.